Everything you need to know about travel tips and restrictions

Traveling is the adventurous love of many. Pandemic has put a full-stop on travelers across the globe. Since normalcy is gradually restored. We are moving forward with a precautious advisory on traveling. The essential steps are taken in light of covid-19 spread. You might be very healthy but get the virus while traveling. What happens in the progression is that you will spread to more people during travel.

So, to protect people and communities, an advisory has been issued for the ongoing pandemic. Let’s explore the traveling tips and restrictions before you explore the beautiful flora & fauna of dream places:

No-contact Airport Rules

Yes, the airport authorities of different countries have made such guidelines mandatory. You are restricted to minimal contact during boarding.

Do not go anywhere if

Traveling must be strictly avoided if you have been in contact with a Covid-19 patient in the last fourteen days. Don’t travel if you have a cold, cough, fever, or similar symptoms. Also, flying with a sick person is a strict no.

Wear Mask Everywhere During Travel

Don’t risk others’ life for fun. Mask is the most important essential while traveling. Also, wear masks properly. Don’t throw used masks anywhere. Reusable masks must be washed before reuse. In public transportation, you also come in contact with other passengers. So, understand the worth of masks every day.

Before You Chose Destination

Check the destination pandemic state before travel. Make sure to go through the last seven days’ status of the state. Also, different state governments have different regulations. Get a clear idea of your destination beforehand.

Tips while You Travel

  •       Maintain 6 feet distance wherever you go
  •       Never touch your face, eyes, nose while traveling
  •   Sanitizer is a must today. The sanitizer must have a 60% proportion of alcohol
  •       Avoid people during payments

What Precautions You Must Take?

Covid-19 can be easily spread during air travels. It is somehow difficult to maintain social distancing in public places. Waiting time is also to be considered. You must be contactless with people as much as possible.

Road journeys come along with more safety tips. You might take breaks for food and washroom. For such a purpose, you might come in contact with so many people. You must frequently wash your hands and use sanitizer. Also, avoid surfaces and close contact in such cases.

Enhanced Sanitisation

Even companies and authorities are highly promoting cleaning procedures. Sanitization of public places has been taken up as an immediate action. Such initiatives are taken in the pandemic measure.

Enjoy but as an effective measure

Staying in a hotel must be taken in full proper step. You must check your accommodation’s bedsheets and places before resting. All the options must be safe and curb virus spread.

For outdoor food options, you must see whether places are closed or not. Also, ensure a medicines kit while traveling. You can avoid all the contacts while taking the maximum necessary items along with you. Remember, mask and sanitizer and must. Now, have a happy and safe journey and follow all-important guidelines.

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