How does online teaching differ from face-to-face teaching?

Pandemic has moved to teach in online corridors now. Never before, online teaching was even imparted to younger kids in kindergarten. Now, all age group students have been shifted to online teaching. The sudden transformation has imposed a varied notation for the teaching community.

Online teaching is way different from face-to-face teaching. There is simply nobody to monitor your child’s understanding. Children’s questions and doubts are not immediately solved up.  Knowledge is being transferred instead of being taught in the classroom.

Recorded Sessions or Online Classroom

The recorded sessions are more difficult to grasp. However, live online classes are a little better than the recorded sessions. Moreover, the problem is still not solved. Due to the online platform, online classes are supposed to be wrapped up within a time frame. So, the students are bound to incorporate lessons within that span. That’s however seriously problematic for students comparatively to face-to-face teaching.

Internet Connection in Remote Areas

Not everybody has good means of internet connection and devices. Remote are students suffer due to their connectivity issues. Face-to-face teaching doesn’t pose this barrier. Teachers can teach easily in physical space. If you have everyday poor internet, your classes are disturbed on a permanent basis.

Learning tools are used effectively

In online teaching, there are many effective tools. Videos, audio lectures, and different sets of assignments are arranged. One advantage is that immediate feedback can be provided to students. Facilitation of teaching is easier. This saves lots of time for students and teachers.

Customized Courses

Face-to-face teaching involves all the students in one classroom. Online teaching is more personalized from the students’ point of view. Students feel more comfortable in their own zone. Their performance analysis can also be made in particular.

Old Teachers find it difficult

Teachers also have to learn new mediums to impart education. Older teachers find it difficult in learning. For them also, face-to-face is more convenient for them. They can trace students better in face-to-face mode.  

Students Attention

It is not possible to recognize students’ attention levels. They might not be sincere in online teaching. Behavioral traits of students can be easily witnessed in face-to-face teaching. However, this is not directed in expected concern in online teaching medium.

Hampering Eyesight of Small Children

A recent report suggests that small children are suffering from eye defects. Exposure to extra time on screen is being hazardous to young kids. 

Lack of Focused Studies

Students can off their videos while online learning. So, teachers are unable to see the students’ outcomes. Such a lack of focused studies is minimized in face-to-face learning.

Missing Physical Interaction

Face-to-face teaching is very interactive and interesting. Online teaching doesn’t meet the expectations of physical presence. The intensity of physical interaction is really more precise and is considered to be the best.

Alternative like online learning can be beneficial andThere is no substitute for face-to-face teaching. No matter, how advanced technology becomes in online teaching. The ablest classes require effective communication & student engagement.

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